Friendship English SmS

                                        Friendship sms

Don’t try to find someone who can solve all your problems,
but instead find someone who won’t let you face them alone.

A true friend is someone
who can find the real fact
about your pain and can
see your hidden feelings
even if you are trying
to fool everyone else
that you are fine.

Hurting a friend is as easy as cutting a tree ....
But making a friend Happy and Smiling all the time is like growing a tree ....
It really takes a lot of time, so please do not destroy it within seconds

I like three friends in my life,
First one is Sun, the second is Moon
and the best of all is YOU!!
Sun for the day time, and
moon for the night time,
but YOU for the life time ….

Friends are much like fishes! ...
you have to sit patiently for a long time
to catch a good one.
exactly just like I caught you !!
So you better stay nice with me
otherwise …. I will FRY you to the bone

Some people are Worth to be thrown
Some are Good to Keep
Some are to be Treasured forever,
And ...
I Think you are the one to be Thrown
In The Treasure Box to be Kept Forever

I think my mobile is in love with you.
Because it whistles when your message comes ...
its face become bright ...
the light starts glowing ...
and buttons start flashing
So please keep texting ..

Never cry over someone who would not cry over you.
Never try to keep someone who does not want to keep you,
It’s only going to HURT you even MORE in the long run.

Buying gifts show how much someone remembers you.
Giving a red rose show how much someone love you!.
Phone calls show how much a friend like you.
Jealousy can really show how much someone
really cares about things you do!!.

Sometimes, you just can’t tell people how you really feel.
Not because you don’t know why,
not because you don’t trust them,
not because you don’t know your purpose,
but because you just can’t find the right words
to make them understand.

Don’t count the things you think you have done for someone.
Instead, count the number of times you felt better just because
you made them happy.

If someone point out your mistake, do not be angry,
but be happy that there is someone
who is interested in what you have done.
Never mind but rather appreciate him
for your care & watching ...
oh and remember your gentle smile.

When your friend lies to you, it is not his fault! !
Actually it is yours ...
because you did not gave him the proper space
to tell you the truth.

Do not be surprised if you find people
who ignore the ones who adore them, adore the ones who ignore them!!
Love the ones hurt them and hurt who love them!.
Sounds ironic and unbelievable!

Sometimes you meet someone and
before you know who are they, or
where they are from or even without knowing their name,
you get a feeling that sometime in the future
this person is going to mean something to you!!!

Always leave a room for forgiveness ...
who knows you may want to return again some day.
Never end the conversations with bad terms ...
you never know, you might need them in the future.
Always end the meeting with some good memories,
Because God knows it might be the last ...

Knowing a friend like you has made me happy in a million ways
and If I ever do something to make you turn away from me
I would find a million reasons to make you stay!!!

Piss me off i’ll get even,
put me down i’ll recover twice as quick,
tell me i can’t do something i’ll do it even better,
think you know me you better think twice cause you don’t.