Love English Sms

 Love makes time pass .time makes love pass.

I thought I am strong enough, until I met you.
Every time I am around you, I go weak in the knees.
You are really my weakness, baby

Human hearts feels things that the mind can not understand
and knows things that the eyes do not see.

My heart could feel you
My mind could imagine you
My eyes could see you
My breath could sense you
My silence could mean you
I knew I loved you
Even Before I met you!!

Some people can not forget their first love;
others can not forget their last.
But the luckiest are those whose first love lasts.

To Love is a duty. To be Loved is a Success.
To be with someone you love is an achievement.
To be with someone who Loves you is Life ...

If anyone asks Me;
With Whom you like to
Spend your entire Life ?
My simple answer is:
Someone Who can Understand
That I am not Perfect!!
but who is perfect?

I Talk To Everyone ...
But I Share Everything To Only one.
I Smile With Everyone ...
But Smile Is For Only on.
I Like Everyone ...
But I Love Only One.
I Live For Everyone ...


But I Breathe For Only One.
I Am For Everyone ...
But I Belong To Only One.
And That ONE Is Only "You"

A 5 years old girl asked the boy who was siting next to her ...
"WHAT IS LOVE?" .....
He answered .....
Love actually is when you always steal chocolates from my bag and yet 
I still keep them in the same place.

Many people saying love hurts
But this is not true ...
Rejection hurts.
Loneliness hurts.
Losing someone hurts.
Envy hurts.
Anyone gets these things confused with LOVE!.
But the truth is
LOVE is the only thing in our life
that covers up all pain and makes
someone feel wonderful again.

They say, you only live once ...
but if you let me live it with you
Then once is all what I need
Waiting for someone
for few minutes, that is Need
for few hours, that is Trust
for few weeks, that is Friendship

But waiting for someone that has not come yet
and you are still waiting and waiting ... That is LOVE!

I can’t help but fall in love with you,
don’t you think about all the stupid stuff we have done together ?
I just do not want to be stupid with anyone else !

My happiest time is
When Moon and Sun become my 2 eyes
When 1 + 1 become only ONE
When me & you become only WE!!

your personality that makes me laugh ...
your face that makes me think like Wowww! ...
your lips make me go crazy ...
your eyes that make me smile ...
your body that makes me to dance like a fool ...
your arms make me wanna hug you ...
your cute habit of biting your lip makes me wanna kiss you right now!! ...
you always make me happy