Miss You English sms

                                                         Miss You

You know! You are such a nice person,
Our friendship means a lot to me,
That if we were the last people on a sinking ship &
There is only 1 life vest,
I’ll... Hmm ... Ah.. Ehh..... Okayyy
I am gonna miss you greatly, that’s for sure

Close your Eyes,
Hold your Head up high,
Relax your Body,
And stop your Breathing
Do not Breathe as long as Possible ....
I Miss you as much as YOU MISSED THE AIR !!

They say if you are unable to sleep
that is because there is someone thinking of you.
In our case, sure you know who is that person that misses you.
That is why if you can’t sleep, sorry, I can’t help it.

When I see you I smile, When I miss you I cry, but when am with you I have nothing 2 say because the urge 2 kiss you takes my breath away.
I love you and even when I am with you I still miss you....

It may sound simple and small, nothing unique or original...
but yet it means so much & takes a courage to say it,
I want to tell you that I Miss You so much...

Scientists Saying:
Sun will loose its heat,
Moon can fall from the sky,
Stars may explode in front of our eyes,
Earth may stop rotating,
Nothing is certain, but one thing's for sure is:
I Never Ever Stop Missing YOU No Matter What Happen!!

Good Friends;
Real friends are those who care without hesitation,
who remember you without limitation,
who trustful without suspicion,
and who love even without communication.
Fake friends;
Laugh/mad on you without real reasons,
never remember you unless they need/use you,
never around when you need them.
So be careful how to choose your friends
and how to plan your future.
Good Luck.

There will be another month,
another winter,
another summer,
another year,
another smile
and maybe another tear ...
but never ever another friend like.

It may sound simple, nothing unique or original…
But yet it means so much & takes courage 2 say, I want to tell you ‘I Miss You so much!’

Those we love never go away
They walk beside us everyday...
Still near...still loved…
Still Missed…still very dear…
Miss you so much!

It is true that we do not know
what we have got until we lose it.
But it is also true
that we do not know
what we have been
missing until it arrives.
Well, I think I know what I am missing, but
I do not know when will you arrive to me? !

It is very difficult to say Goodbye
and it is even harder when its some one yo love
It becomes ever worse when there is nothing can ever be done by refusing to let go!!!
so do your best before it becomes the worse case that you can not do anything!
because it is never easy to say Goodbye for ever!!